The BMS BlivetTM

Package Sewage Treatment Plant


The BMS Blivet is a patented pre-fabricated package sewage treatment plant particularly suitable for population equivalents of between 10-3,000 residents. They are used in areas not connected to mains sewers such as hotels, golf clubs, country clubs, holiday resorts, housing developments, condominiums, small townships and military and civil institutions. With stricter wastewater standards being introduced, most regional and national authorities will not permit a septic tank system for more than a single dwelling leaving the BMS system to bridge the gap in the absence of a municipal sewer. In certain Asian markets the units are used in urban areas, sometimes in basements of buildings, due to the lack of a centralised municipal wastewater treatment plant.

Advantages of the Blivet Package Sewage Treatment System include:-

Examples of Existing Package Treatment Plant Installations

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The BMS BlivetTM has been installed in over 20 countries worldwide for a broad range of applications. Equipment can be shipped to most places in the world within 3 months and installed in less than a day. For more information on sizing, pricing etc. please contact:

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